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Our Services

Educational consultancy

Our company provides the following services to prospective candidates seeking admission in foreign Universities especially in the Republic of Belarus:

  • Provide information about Universities in Republic of Belarus and the courses available
  • Process students applications for  admission to the Universities of their choice
  • Assist prospective students obtain admission into University of their choice
  • Provide information on the list of items required by prospective students to stay in Republic of Belarus.

Offer counselling  services by educating the students  on legal matters, rules and regulations of the Universities as well as the Republic of Belarus.

  • Provide mentoring services to the students  to enable them be disciplined and maintain high educational standard.
  •  Package and translate  documents required for Student Visa application.
  • Intervene in crisis that may arise in the course of educational pursuit between the students and the University Authorities.

Why our service is distinctive

We are your dependable companion, we do not believe that it is just sufficient to send your kids abroad and pay their school fees and up keep allowances. We strongly believe that  students going to foreign countries to study must be entrusted into a caring heart company. This is where our services are unique. Our Representative office in Belarus will arrange for hostel accommodation before the student's arrival, Receive the students at the airport,  provide hot meals, telephone calls to parents and transportation to the University hostel.

We also provide yearly reports to the Guardians on the academic performances of the students as well as to assist on Visa guidance for students or parents  who wish to visit their wards.

We are official representatives of major well known universities like Vitebsk State  Order of Peoples friendship University, Belarusian State University of informatics and Radio-Electronics, Belarus State Agrarian Technical University, Belarus National Technical University (BNTU) etc.